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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mayan Flame Fire Starters so special?
This fire starter burns hotter and faster at a much cheaper cost per fire. It even burns when wet, see above.
What is Mayan Flame Fatwood Firestarter?
Mayan Flame is a long-leaf pine fire starter that is saturated with flammable resin. Known as Ocote or fatwood, this pine wood is cut into sticks for use as a fire starter. The resin or sap makes this wood easy to light without the use of petrol, newspapers or other types of fire starters. The color of fatwood varies from lighter to darker, it is the flammability that is most important.

Yes, simply light our Fatwood with a common lighter, it lights just as fast as paper.
Where does Mayan Flame Fatwood come from?
Mayan Flame Fatwood comes from the discarded stumps in Central America.
What makes Mayan Flame Fatwood different from other fire starters?
When Ocote pine trees are harvested, only the stumps remain. When these trees are cut, their roots push up resin to protect the exposed area. Shortly, these stumps become saturated with hardened sap. This sap provides a fuel based fire starter that burns very easily. It is natural.

Normal wood kindling doesn't ignite as fast or burn as hot, thus fatwood is the perfect fire starting material. When the stump is chopped into smaller sticks, the stick takes only a few seconds to light.
Why is Mayan Flame Fatwood better than other brands of Fatwood?
Mayan Flame is a premium fatwood based in Central America where the most resin saturated stumps are located. If the Ocote Fatwood is not rich in resin, it is not much better than normal kindling. Stringent standards for resin content mean your fatwood will light immediately and stay lit.
Where do I use Mayan Flame Fatwood?
Mayan Flame fire starters can be used in wood stoves, fireplaces, campfires, etc. These are ideal fire starters for survivalists or anyone who wants a hot fire fast.

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